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The National Forest Inventory (NFI) programme monitors woodland and trees within Great Britain. It includes the most in depth survey carried out on Britain’s woodland and trees to date. The NFI provides an extensive and unique record of key information about our forests and woodlands.


About the NFI

The National Forest Inventory (NFI) is a rolling programme designed to provide accurate information about the size, distribution, composition and condition of our forests and woodlands and also about the changes taking place in the woodlands through time.

Inventory Reports

What our woodlands, and tree cover outside woodlands, are like today; NFI inventory reports and woodland map reports

Inventory reports containing quantitative estimates of a quoted accuracy describe Britain’s ‘current’ woodland extent, structure, composition, condition, biodiversity and social use.

Forecast Reports

How our woodlands change over time

Forecasts estimate how our woodlands may change over time. NFI forecasts examine different aspects of the future state of the woodland according to alternative future management scenarios.


Download the digital woodland map

We make a wide range of our datasets available for download.

Natural Events

NFI reports on scale and impact of natural events

The NFI programme works in collaboration with colleagues to provide information on the extent and impact of events such as outbreaks of pests and diseases or natural events such as storms.

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