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View of an urban forest in London, UK.

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    Public access to woodlands and forests: a rapid evidence review
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    What is the urban forest?

    The urban forest comprises all the trees in the urban realm – in public and private spaces, along linear routes and waterways and in amenity areas. It contributes to green infrastructure and the wider urban ecosystem. It provides numerous benefits to human society and it does so in vast quantities. Maintaining...
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    Climate change and urban forests

    Can urban forests help cities adapt to climate change? Urban forests can both help reduce climate change and help urban society cope with its impacts. As growing trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, storing the carbon in their biomass, urban forests are an important part of our response to...
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    Factsheet: Climate change and urban forests

    Lead Author: Kieron Doick
    Urban forests can both help reduce climate change and help urban society cope with its impacts.
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    Delivery of ecosystem services by urban forests

    Lead Author: Helen Davies
    This Research Report looks at a broad range of urban forest-based ecosystem services and disservices and, using a literature review, links their provision with four aspects of urban forests (physical scale, physical structure and context in terms of location and proximity to people and land use and ownership). A key objective of this report is […]
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    EU Forest Action Plan: urban and peri-urban forests

    The page summarises a workshop in 2011 between forestry experts and stakeholders, European Commission staff and representatives from Member States to discuss urban and peri-urban forestry (UPF) initiatives and recommend EU-wide action to drive the UPF agenda forward.
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    Urban Forests in a European Perspective: what can the National Forest Inventory tell us?

    Lead Author: Natalie Marie Gulsrud
    This pilot project demonstrates that the NFI data, in combination with the DEGURBA approach, provides existing data on European urban forests. Now that we know what we have, there is potential to quantify and qualify the state and trends of European urban forests. Moving forward we can draw on existing policies and concepts such as […]
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    An insight to the current state and sustainability of urban forests across Great Britain based on i-Tree Eco surveys

    Lead Author: Madalena Vaz Monteiro
    Research into the sustainability of 12 urban forests across Great Britain, and recommendation of a framework to rate sustainability of urban trees.
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    Review: urban forestry in urban health and health inequalities

    This page summarises findings from Forest Research’s review of empirical research on the role of trees, woods and forests in urban areas, especially regarding people’s health.
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    [Archive] Urban forestry practice

    Lead Author: B.G. Hibberd
    Wherever trees are planted their basic needs have to be met if healthy growth is to be promoted. This Handbook gives practical advice on the establishment and subsequent management of trees and woodlands in urban and urban fringe areas. The Handbook has been designed for a wide audience, reflecting the varied disciplines and requirements involved […]
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    Urban health and health inequalities and the role of urban forestry in Britain: A review

    Lead Author: Liz O’Brien
    This literature review (2010) explores urban health issues and health inequalities and identifies the links between trees, woods and forests and health in urban populations. It outlines current gaps in research and identifies potential opportunities for the Forestry Commission in England, Scotland and Wales to focus on health and well-being in urban areas. By Liz O’Brien, […]